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Common Questions Asked by Landowners  

Why would I consider using a consulting forester?
Do you have timber that you would like to sell but do not know where to turn or whom to ask? Then you need a Consultant Forester. Due to the length of time it takes for hardwood trees to mature, the average landowner only sells timber once in their lifetime. This is bad for you as the landowner in two ways. First, you will have to live with the consequences of the timber sale for the rest of your life, good or bad. Second, unless you sell timber on a regular basis, you as the landowner are not aware of the current market for your timber. Many landowners make the mistake of selling timber by themselves and do not receive the full value of their timber. Southeast Forestlands represents the landowner; not the sawmill or logger, so the landowner's best interests are served.

Is it expesive to hire a consulting forester?
No, not at all. In fact, by hiring a consultant company, you are sure to gain the most money for your timber. It is a proven fact that by obtaining professional timber sale administration services, you can expect to increase your revenues by 30-70% How? You will know exactly how much to expect for your timber. Selling on your own often results in sawmills or wood corporations sending out buyers that will take advantage of your lack of knowledge. By obtaining our services, the buyers will realize (and bid accordingly) that you, indeed, know what kind of dollar figure to expect!  

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